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DaVinci Resolve 16 Certified Training Pre-Course Survey

This Survey is to discover the demand for a Certified DaVinci Resolve 16 Training Course in Kent, U.K. (or even further afield) and what format would suit you.

The Official course is 4 days long with an optional Certification Exam at the end. However if you have limited creative software experience there can be an option of a 5 day course to allow more time for you to practice your skills (with trainer support) before the final certification exam.

We plan to be running the course soon in Kent.
Once we have confirmed the venue and dates we will get back to you with further details including the price.

What is your name? (optional)

Just so that we know you are not a computer (First name only is fine).

Phone number (optional)

Email (optional)

Where do you live? *

Please let us know where you are based and your approximate Postcode (first 3 letters are fine). This will help us know where to deliver the course based on demand.

Would you normally travel to access training?

What are your main areas of interest in learning Davinci Resolve?

You can choose as many as you like.

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